Interview with Send Reach Lead Developer Jamie Whittingham

I had the pleasure of exclusively interviewing Jamie Whittingham of Send Reach, he is the lead developer of Send Reach and he shared some really valuable insight into the development of their demographic auto responder.

The things Send Reach does has never been done before in email marketing, I know there are tons of auto responders services available but no one has ever taking the step to revolutionise the lagging growth of email marketing services, that is until now.

Beta Testing the Hell Out of Send Reach

I have been a beta tester of Send Reach since september last year, and without doubt this has been an amazing experience using this platform for email marketing, I have been involved in paid traffic for the past 6-7 years and what Send Reach’s platform was able to my add to my internet marketing has revolutionised.

How I am able to build a mailing list, to be able to develop an auto responder personalised for each demographic is the way to go for me and I would guess for most internet marketers that can see the true value of what this auto responder service has to offer.

Send Reach Full Interview

 Check out the my send reach review website for bonuses and for the full un-edited interview with Jamie Whittingham.

easy video suite download

Easy Video Suite Video Marketing Software Overview


EVS Download link


if you wished for the perfect video marketing tool it might look something like this
a desktop application that allows you to record your screen edit your video and effortlessly convert them all to a perfect online and mobile ready format, this automatically creates multiple versions of the video in the background so they can play on devices every time, easy video suite’s got that!


An online command center that syncs with the desktop app and gives you the ability to manage all your files with a simple drag and drop environment, easy video suite got it!

A dashboard page that shows a snapshot of your videos most important stats so you’re always in touch with how you videos and online marketing is doing, thats covered.

Simple video play customizations to build a marketing features social media buttons password protection, playlists, animations and more.

An entire drag-and-drop video page builder that lets you create pages for your videos with buy buttons comments viral social sharing SEO and more in seconds absolutely and finally the most advanced live statistics engine video available showing you up to the minute plays, sales and viewer engagement social media sharing and split test results it even advises you on what you need to focus on and were your weak points are in your video marketing so you can improve make more money check.

You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per month or struggle in vain to juggle a range of different tools that were never designed to work together, and will only give you a percentage of power of easy video suite now you can make sure that your videos are performing the best they possibly can, captivating your viewers building you’re mailing list faster and making you more money.

historically even to get a tiny percentage of this amazing power of this video marketing system you would need many tools all tacked together while you struggle to make them all work now a complete next gen video marketing system is available anyone from complete beginners to total pro, not only that but you can sleep soundly knowing that are team video and marketing experts will look after your every need when you invest in EVS.

With Easy video suite you actually become a member of a family of smart marketers that is tens of thousands large worldwide so don’t get left behind or keep struggling while others use powerful simple solution to get ahead of the competition grab easy video suite today.

There’s no manual installation required step-by-step instructions will have you up and running in no time and dont forget our industry leading support will always be at your beckon call to insure your video marketing success, finally if you don’t this is the most powerfull video marketing software you have ever used, you can take advantage of our sixty-day no questions asked refund guarantee with complete peace of mind so click the link below now and start dramatically boosting your video market results and begin you’re video marketing the easy way in minutes.

On this easy video suite preview you get to see the evolution of easy video player to what it is today.


Whats changed on EVS?

1. Now you can convert videos without using handbrake by using easy video suite desktop download app.

2. You can use the EVS software for your screen recordings with drawing tools, cam captures as well as video editing.

3. Video analytics dashboard is a lot more sophisticated plus there are tons more features for split testing a video and conversion data.

4. Video landing pages are ten times better than the previous version, multiple video templates to choose from as well as an insane amount of gadgetry and video time line revealing pop ups.

5. The ability to create video playlists as well as chapters within you video folders with more sophisticated embed codes

easy video suite download



EVS Download link



Easy Video Suite Walkthrough Video Playlist

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Easy Video Suite Review Part 3 – Video Analytics Web Based Dashboard Overview

Easy Video Suite Review Part 4 – Video Management

Easy Video Suite Review Part 5 – Creating Video Landing Pages / Squeeze Pages & Playlists

Easy Video Suite Review Part 6 – App Download Split Testing Creating Playlist Video Modules

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